MicroLoan enjoys acknowledging the amazing success stories of our clients who as a result of our loans and training, have gone on to set up their own businesses to support their families. Furthermore, we feel it is great to share the success stories and experiences of our many volunteers, supporters and staff across the world who have seen for themselves the impact their work has in Africa. Read on to learn more about how we really offer “a hand up, not a hand out.”

Emmie- The MicroLoan Foundation

The success of the women we help relies on a spirit of teaching. The sewing center is a great example of that spirit in practice.

The course is structured to cover eight areas: machine work, pattern work, actual sewing, cutting, design, sewing skills, ironing and business skills.

Skills are not everything, however. Once students’ training is complete they will have access to a loan to spend on initial overheads. To prepare for this transition, students are taught business skills in the last two weeks of their course.

Many of the women at the training center already demonstrate an understanding of business. “I have to purchase my own loom,” says Jin Ulalo, who is halfway through a weaving course, “I have a cheap source of materials, but without my own machine, it is not profitable.”

Women like Jin are already planning the details of their future businesses, finding applications for their skills even as they learn them. However, Jin is also aware that the MicroLoan Foundation can’t give her everything she needs: “A machine is expensive. I will get help but it won’t be enough. I have to find a way to save.”

For Jin, saving is difficult. Like most of the villagers here, she relies on unstable forms of income, selling fish and tomatoes in an environment of fluctuating supply and demand. “I have moved to Kasungu to attend this course,” says Jin. “I am lucky because I have a relative here. It was worth moving for the chance of owning a loom.”

MicroLoan can’t do everything for women like Jin, but their determination coupled with the opportunity MicroLoan is giving them means they are on track to create earnings not just for themselves, but for future generations.

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