Where we Work

The MicroLoan Foundation works at the grass roots level to relieve poverty, improve health and education, and help poor, remote, rural women with a "hand-up not a hand-out."

We provide small loans to groups of very poor women across sub-Saharan Africa. The need for appropriate financial services in the rural and poor parts of sub-Saharan Africa has been the driving force behind the development of MicroLoan since 2002. Currently we work in Malawi and Zambia.



  • Located in South East Africa bordered by Mozambique (East, South & West) Tanzania (North) and Zambia (North-west).
  • Lies within an inter-tropical zone. The country experiences three seasons; cool and dry from May to August, hot and dry from September to mid November and hot and wet from November to April.
  • Covers a geographical area of 118,480 sq. km. It is slightly smaller than the state if Pennsylvania. The country is divided into three regions, namely the southern, central and northern regions with a total of 28 districts.
  • Population estimate was 13.6 million (2009 National Statistics Office Malawi).
  • Major Cities: Lilongwe (the Capital City) and Blantyre (the Commercial Capital).



Our Head Office in Kasungu, Malawi



MicroLoan Headquarters is in Chipata, and we have 4 branch offices, with 2 more about to open.

  • Zambia is located in Southern Africa, east of Angola, landlocked with 8 neighbors (Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Zambia covers a geographical area of 752,614 sq. km. (6 times the size of Malawi).
  • The 2005 population estimate was 11.1 million.
  • There are three seasons in Zambia: warm wet season from Nov to April, cool dry season from May to August, and hot dry season from Sept to October.
  • The capital of Zambia is Lusaka.


The Zambian Head Office is located in Chipata. In the photo are staff members (left to right) Daniel Mbuzi (Accounts assistant), Kenson Chiphaka (CEO), Jack Ngoma (Finance Manager) and Noreen Miti (Administrative Assistant).