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2. Acknowledgement
You will receive a gift card and a letter of thanks. You can give the card to the recipient of the gift or keep yourself to tell family and friends about MLF USA.

3. Delivery
Gifts are transferred to Africa every quarter (to keep the costs down). Major gifts for a specific project are transferred within one week.

The MicroLoan Foundation USA is extremely grateful for your support. Thanks to you we are able to provide the most marginalized women with training, skills and mentoring – a hand-up not a hand out.

Zikomo (thank you)



The Gift Store

It’s hard to imagine doing anything meaningful with just $10.00. But in Africa it can go a long way, and make a world of difference!

This may be a symbolic gift store, but the MicroLoan Foundation’s work gives some of the poorest women in rural sub-Saharan Africa the education and support they need to build a self-sustainable business, and escape the never-ending poverty cycle.

By providing a microloan, our female clients are able to use their business profits to feed their children more nutritious meals, provide them with an education and save money for emergencies. Loan capital is typically recycled 2.5 times per year so your $10 gift if donated for this purpose, delivers $25.00 of support in Africa. Loan capital is continually recycled. For example: Last year MLF sent $1.2 million to Africa, but prior year’s donations allowed us to provide more than $4 million in loans.

We will use your gift to fund our work wherever the need is greatest. Read on to select your gift of choice:

$10: A “chiyambi” loan. Translated, chiyambi means beginning, and this small loan can change the life of an ultra-poor woman in Malawi or Zambia.


$30: Provides the chiyambi recipient with her second microloan.



$80: A standard loan enables a woman to own her own stall at the market.



$175: Provides a loan to a woman who wishes to improve her farming skills and crop yield.


$450: A “Bridging Loan” gives an experienced client an opportunity to develop a larger scale business.


$2,800: Provides a client group (15-20 women) with its first two loan cycles (one year’s support), inclusive of all business training and ongoing mentoring.


$5,750: Will buy a motorbike so that a loan officer can travel to the most remote areas at all times of year.


The “gifts” described above are but a few examples of what your gift can accomplish. Women and their families in Africa will be able to grow enough food to eat, build a sustainable business, and work their way out of poverty through their own entrepreneurship.

Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

The MicroLoan Foundation USA is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.