The MicroLoan Foundation USA is governed by a Board of Directors, chaired by Steve Mark. Board sub-committees provide specific oversight on audit and finance, programs, compensation, and appointments. Further details and background information on all board members are included in the “About Us” section of this website.

In the United Kingdom, a Board of Trustees provides oversight to the MicroLoan Foundation UK’s operation, under the chairmanship of David Young, and CEO/Founder, Peter Ryan.

The MicroLoan Foundation Australia is governed by a Board of Directors under the chairmanship of Brian Keen, and CEO Clive Hughes.

In Africa, the MicroLoan Foundation Malawi and the MicroCredit Foundation Zambia are each governed by independent Boards of Directors. CEO Malawi is Peter Matumbo, and CEO Zambia is Kenson Chipata.

Affiliations exist between all our organizations. We are a global family with a common mission.

The MicroLoan Foundation USA is committed to financial transparency at all levels. Copies of our annual financial statements, IRS Form 990 and our global financial statements are available for public inspection upon request.