Beatrice and her chicken rearing business

MicroLoan enjoys acknowledging the amazing success stories of our clients who as a result of our loans and training, have gone on to set up their own businesses to support their families. Furthermore, we feel it is great to share the success stories and experiences of our many volunteers, supporters and staff across the world who have seen for themselves the impact their work has in Africa. Read on to learn more about how we really offer “a hand up, not a hand out.”

Beatrice lives in Mzuzu in the north of Malawi. The nearest place to hatch chickens is 300km away. Beatrice spotted an opportunity and used her loan to build a shed in her garden and travel to purchase her first chicks. She can now afford to regularly travel to buy chicks and to rear them herself. She now keeps around 100 chickens.

Beatrice- The MicroLoan Foundation

What was your quality of life like before becoming an MLF client?

"Before I did not have any savings account, but now I have one. Before I did not have much capital to help my business, now I do."

What is your quality of life like now you are a business woman?

"I am able to assist my husband with day to day expenses."

How do you feel to be a business woman?

"I feel good. I feel glad to be able to save money and I want to increase my savings."

What plans do you have for the future?

"Chickens are in very high demand in Mzuzu. I would like to get a larger loan to expand my business."

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